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I made a video on how to install the Perimeter Plus System on the 2020+ Escape, here is the link:

Anyone who is on the fence about install can be relieved that the install takes roughly 5 to 15 minutes, you DO NOT need Forscan or IDS to enable anything on the 2020 or newer escape as we already have remote start enabled due to the Fordpass app. The unit can be purchased anywhere from $130 to $200 from ford, part number is KN1Z-19A361-A. I decided to install this because I have bad cell signal in my area and want a reliable remote start that does not require cell service and it is nice having it on the fob. The added bonus is it gives you a perimeter alarm with motion sensing as well. I hope this helps someone as I could not find much info about it online. I purchased mine through a ford dealer on ebay for $170 after tax. This also can be added just for the alarm, just leave the jumper off if you have remote start already on the fob. I have listed the install manual. It shows explorer but it shows how for all the other models as well.


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