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2020 hybrid randomly looses power

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Hello, admittedly I really do not know much about hybrid cars. Our escape has 20,000 miles on it. The car randomly looses power mostly after being parked for a couple to a few days. No power to door locks, no power at the start switch, dome ight etc. This is happening about once every couple of months. So I can jump start the car with portable battery pack. The engine does not start, the car goes into ev mode. All is good again. I have little volt meter in the cig lighter socked it reads 15.3 volts right after starting. I do not believe that battery is ever dead. If the battery was low, the engine would immediately start after I jump the car, right? And it would not show 15.3v, right? After explaining all this to the very young SA at the dealer, they had the car all day and I doubt they did anything. The SA called me and told me she had not anything yet. She told me she was going to have a tech test drive the car tomorrow. I told her why are you going to have them test drive the car. It's not a driveability problem. She seems clueless. I do not have a fuzzy feeling they they are going to help me. I want this fixed before the car is off warranty. It's not reliable if I'm out on the road somewhere.
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My 2020 hybrid would do similar things sometimes, not too often but, then one day I noticed that I could not unlock the car from the passenger side and thought that I had a problem with the touch pad or something, it would work as it should if I drove the car a little and tried it but if I let it sit over night, it wouldn’t work again. Somehow in my mind, I never associated the battery to this. I had an appointment already for the trim piece around the aft window on the drivers side and added the unlock issue to the work order. They ran all kinds of tests to diagnose the issue and in the end, the battery was the problem. They changed the battery and so far, none of the strange things that were happening have returned.
In my opinion, they need to run a full diagnostic on your battery.

By the way, the trim piece on the window, they tried to fix it a couple times but it kept coming loose so on the third trip, they had a glass company come out and seal it, all is well now, no problems.
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