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2020 hybrid randomly looses power

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Hello, admittedly I really do not know much about hybrid cars. Our escape has 20,000 miles on it. The car randomly looses power mostly after being parked for a couple to a few days. No power to door locks, no power at the start switch, dome ight etc. This is happening about once every couple of months. So I can jump start the car with portable battery pack. The engine does not start, the car goes into ev mode. All is good again. I have little volt meter in the cig lighter socked it reads 15.3 volts right after starting. I do not believe that battery is ever dead. If the battery was low, the engine would immediately start after I jump the car, right? And it would not show 15.3v, right? After explaining all this to the very young SA at the dealer, they had the car all day and I doubt they did anything. The SA called me and told me she had not anything yet. She told me she was going to have a tech test drive the car tomorrow. I told her why are you going to have them test drive the car. It's not a driveability problem. She seems clueless. I do not have a fuzzy feeling they they are going to help me. I want this fixed before the car is off warranty. It's not reliable if I'm out on the road somewhere.
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