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Ordered 1 June, delivered 3 Aug.
Silver without HUD and no moonroof. Had moonroof on a Fusion hybrid that never got used and didn't want to risk a leak. Didn't come with a spare so we added one to the order. Getting used to the intelligent cruise (loving it, wife not so much). Am a little concerned that CarPlay requires the phone to be plugged in, with possible overcharging issues (on the 4th or 5th battery in my iphone 6s). Also, Waze seems to not routinely see location is on and keeps telling me to go to phone settings to turn it on (it's on!?). Anyway, working out well and will keep an eye out here for what to do preventive, what to ignore, and what to just let the dealer handle.

It's my wife's car (I drive an F-150) so it will only get tinkered on with what she wants.
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