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The lease on my 2017 Escape Titanium was almost up, so I visited my Ford dealership to make a deal on a 2020 Escape. Ended up with an SEL in Dark Persian Green with the 2.0, panoramic roof, 19“ wheels, and some other popular options. I decided to write down a few points of comparison between the 3rd gen and 4th gen, because they really are that different.

Looks: The 3rd gen with the big grille face-lift definitely looked more aggressive, but the 4th gen looks more athletic. I'd like to see a little more of an aggressive style in the front bumper, personally. The 4th gen 19-inch wheels are really nice, definitely nicer than the 18-inch wheels on my 3rd gen Titanium. Love the machined face and black accents.

Interior: The 3rd gen had much more storage space. Lots more cubbies, wider opening glove box, and that great two-level center console. I really miss that, honestly.

The 4th gen, however, is much more comfortable. Feels much wider in the front, and I like how they simplified the dash and center stack, especially how they moved the infotainment screen closet to the driver and passenger. The panoramic roof on the 4th gen is nicer, too. The extra width really makes the car feel open and airy when you use it.

Driving: No comparison. The 4th gen rides and drives so much better than the 3rd gen. The 4th gen likes to take a corner, and the power delivery is a lot smoother. The ride is softer when you're just cruising, and a lot less harsh when you have to go over rough road.

I have under 20 miles on the car, so I haven't really gotten on it yet. I can tell you that the 8-speed gearbox shifts nicely and seems to always be in the right gear when driving in the city. The car pulls nicely and I can definitely tell that it's quicker than the 3rd gen.

All in all, the 4th gen is really enjoyable and I look forward to many miles of fun. I wouldn't say that a 3rd gen owner needs to upgrade, though. The 3rd gens are great cars, too.
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