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First of all a little history of third generation unit.

One of the weaknesses of the third generation Escape was the power transfer unit (PTU) which was known for leaks, overheating, and even exploding (aka grenading). I believe these PTU units were only found on the 2.0 liter AWD units. The reason for the unrelibility of the PTU was that it was always running as long as the car was moving creating a lot of heat inside of itself due to the complex gears and fast movement. The fact that it only had a quart of oil keep everything moving also didn't help. The lack of cooling or heat displacement around the PTU unit also led to overheating especially the PTU's oil hadn't been changed for many many miles (for recommended every 50,000 but many people say it should be done every 20-30,000 miles). This often left owners with a "dead" car and thousands of dollars poorer in order to fix the issue. Even though Ford eventually admitted in 2016 that the PTU was an issue instead of replacing it they left it just renumbering the PTU part often by one letter. One example of this can be found here...

At the bottom of the page you can see the same PTU unit is known under many parts numbers but this Ford dealer still labels it as 2013-2019. The same numbers on Ford's own fordparts.com labels the same parts from 2017-2019 obviously trying to make it seem as though Ford made a new PTU but in actuality did not. Many Ford Edge owners have also found this out since they also use the same PTU.

The good news for 2020 Ford Escape owners...

It seems as though Ford did make a new PTU for this generation of Escapes. I don't know if it's been covered or not but after searching I couldn't find anything.

The new PTU unit for the new generation is this one.. https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/transmission/clutch-parts/power-take-off-assy-12371199-1

While the old one is this one.... https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/transmission/clutch-parts/power-take-off-assy-7863345-1

It also seems the new 2020 unit engine coolant temperature sensor which suggest to me that the car's ECU is checking on the temperature of the 4G PTU units which is helpful and mind easing.

I just hope these new units are a great improvement over the last and will last the life of the Escape just like the last one was suppose to but often times didn't. Good luck and I just wanted to share my research. :)
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