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6 month ongoing issue with 2013 Escape, next steps?

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I've been having an issue with my 2013 Escape that has been occuring intermittently since June of 2015, and as of yet the dealership has not been able to correct the issue (original post here: http://www.fordescape.org/forum/201...-fault-service-now-runs-rough-p0236-code.html).

My vehicle has been in and out of the dealership multiple times, parts have been replaced (PCM and MAP sensor), and still the issue persists. While they have provided me with a loaner while it's in the shop, it's never been an equivalent vehicle, usually a Fusion or Fiesta, which is what I've been driving since the end of December.

I feel I've been very patient, but my patience is quickly running out. Some things that have really turned me off:

I've opened two or three cases with the Ford Customer Service Manager via this forum's Ford Service representative, however these have not had any positive result. The first couple of times, I was told that the issue would be escalated with the dealership, however I don't think anything actually resulted. The third time my case was closed because I hadn't called him back while I was on vacation (which I informed him of in advance), and I had left him 2 or 3 voicemails with no call back before I finally reached him and was told that my incident had been closed because I didn't call him back. Was basically told there wasn't anything he could do for me, nor could his boss. He said he'd check into it again, but I never heard back.

I keep being told different things by the dealership. My first service rep (who no longer works for dealership) informed me that unless they could duplicate the issue, or if I could bring it in while happening, that there wasn't anything more they could do. Problem finally occured while the dealership was open on a Saturday, but they didn't have a technician there that could do the diagnostics that needed to happen. They pulled codes, but apparently this wasn't what was needed.

Then, I finally had the problem happen during the week while the dealership was open, so I drove it in. Important to note, that the codes for this problem are "lost" if the vehicle is powered off. Told service manager that I had the vehicle running so that codes could be pulled, she said she'd see if someone could take a look at it. Made her aware that problem went away if vehicle was turned off, so it needed to remain on. She sent another service advisor out to tag it/get mileage, he turned the car off. He told service manager that the message was no longer there -- this was not true. Was given Fiesta as loaner.

The new service rep told me later that they were having someone from Ford come in to assist in troubleshooting. Service manager later told me that wasn't the case. New service rep told me that a part had been ordered and I'd have my vehicle back today (1/19/16), service manager called yesterday to say they needed to get the problem to happen before they could do the repair. Told her I already brought it in while problem happening, but they turned vehicle off.

It's been over 6 months now since I first had the issue, and I honestly don't feel that Ford or my dealership have done anything to make it right by me. I've documented this issue happening at least 15 times between 6/18/15 and now, and I really don't know where to go with it. I really wanted to give Ford the benefit of the doubt on this, but I am starting to feel that they really don't care. I purchased an extended warranty from Ford (ESP Premium $0 deductible, 125,000 miles/7 years) to provide peace of mind for this very type of issue, and I don't feel they've kept their end of the deal.

So here's what I want to know: If this was you, how would you proceed? Should I escalate this with the GM of the dealership? Is there someone higher up at Ford I could appeal to (besides the region CSM)? At this point, what would be reasonable for me to ask for? Ultimately I just want the issue fixed and my Escape back, but if this is really that difficult of an issue to resolve, at what point should other options be considered? Please let me know what you think.

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I would get a lawyer soon and pay for a nice effective letter.
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