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hi all

have now had my new to me 2013 ford kuga trend 1.6l auto awd for 6 months
its done 74000 km of which i have done about 8000, its running perfectly

gets around high 7 litres to low 8 litres per 100 freeway driving at 110kmph a/c on

and high 8,s when running around the suburbs.

with all the hoo ha about these things failing, overheating , catching on fire etc

i thought it a good time to report my personal one off experience, which in no way is meant to minimize anothers experience.

i regularly check fluids, periodically scan for codes ( none found) and otherwise enjoy driving it.
all service recalls attended to etc
oil and filter changes at 7000km intervals using Mobil1 and ford filter

any complaints?, not really although it could do with a little more top end power
that said for 99% of my driving its perfect

and yes when i bought this car i didn't know about the 2 litre version, however it would still have been outside my budget.

anyway for me its perfect, hopefully that will continue

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