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This all happened at the end of August but I thought I would update you all. That 2021 Escape SE was amazing!! I beat the snot out of that car and it still came back for more. I was the one who found out where the actual speed limiter was and it did it with ease (119 if you didn't see my earlier post). So much fun to drive. Ours had the 360+ package on it so it was really cool to basically sit back and let it drive itself with some pressure on the steering wheel. Ford did an amazing job on that Escape as well the Explorers too. We have a 2021 Explorer XLT that will probably never leave us, Ford definitely knows how to make SUV's hands down. I only had 2 complaints about it. #1 which is quite a big deal is the seat bottoms are like sitting on a board. The seats in my 2019 Escape were very comfortable. Not so much with the 2021 we had. Total fail. #2 which is being a lit nit picky but the center armrest had no padding. It was like putting my elbow on a piece of wood. Aside from that, that 3 cylinder engine was very efficient, getting 30 plus mpg was really easy (even the way I drove it), and the power coming from it was insane and fun as hell. Kudos to Ford with that engine and transmission combo, I hope it holds up over time.
So we were in the market for a camper. And we all know the Escape will not tow 9K lbs of camper LOL. So that's why we traded it in on a HD truck. Some of you may be wondering why I didn't buy a F250 or 350. The answer is this. Ford obviously makes great trucks.....but....I never liked the way they look. I much prefer the look and towing capabilities of the Chevy's or GMC's. We searched everywhere and found a dealer in Milledgeville, GA that wasn't adding 5 to 10K bucks on top of MSRP like they are here in Atlanta. We traded it in, got a very fair amount for it and bought our 2500HD gasser model at MSRP. All was great at the end of the day.
In closing, if we hadn't got the camper bug, we still would have the Escape. I loved driving it, it was so much fun to just whip it around town or go like hell on the highway. Great vehicle all around, just needs a better seat, or perhaps a cushion on it.....Be well all, if you have any questions I will still be here checking in at times. I love helping others that may have a problem that I know how to fix. So I'm not totally gone, I just don't own one anymore. I'll try to attach a pic of the BEAST....lol...It is a chrome haters dream....lol...
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