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I had a good look over a Spanish built 2018 Escape (Kuga) ST Line today. That's the Euro model with the lowered factory suspension.

From what I've found on the internet the strut should be the same physically as the late 2014 on Kuga/ Escape (which have a smaller diameter spring end coil on the strut platform compared to earlier models.) I got strut part numbers of HV6118K001BBA (verified on front left strut and by spare parts guy) and HV6118045BBA (front right- from spare parts guy. Strange there's no "K" or similar.) He couldn't even get prices up on the Ford Australia system. At the moment they're probably the only direct fit upgrade for anyone with modified suspension on a post 2014.

The front sway bar measured 24.75 to 25.0mm (measured through wheel arch with vernier calipers)- that surprised me as it's smaller than the one on my 2016 Kuga. Perhaps it's a solid bar vs mine being hollow?

The rear sway bar was too hard to get to.

All the end links were the same design. So nothing has been changed there.
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