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Thanks for the info.

Some searching the internet shows 94R and H7 are the same size (for anyone wondering.) It gets confusing as the sizes used between manufacturer's and countries also seem to vary.

Also, I searched that battery you've got and found it on Walmart's website with a 5 year warranty (3yrs free replacement + 2yrs pro rata.) Have they changed it back to 4 years? https://www.walmart.com/ip/EverStart-Platinum-AGM-Battery-Group-Size-H7-12-Volt-850-CCA/40685088
They haven't updated the stock photo yet, if you look at other AGM Everstart batteries you'll see that they label says 4 year replacement, the H7 is also 4 years when you see it in the store.
94R and H7 are the same size.
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