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Blown Headlight

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Hi guys, I'm Jesse I've been lerking and searching this site for some time. I bought a used 2013 ford escape titanium 2.0 awd some years ago it been great. I've only don't a kn filter an a tune. Which is just right for me for now.

I've had a blow drl light for some days and I can't seam to figure out why it's only getting power to the drivers side. I have tested each fuse under glove box as well as under hood. My driver side works fine. Both lens are cracked and are keeping condensation on the inside. So I decided to grab two new fog light fixtures if you will. Hoping that when I replace that bulb it would work I could take the whole fixture out put the new fixtures in and everything would be back to operational. But I have now tested the light bulb the light bulb is working that I took out of the passenger side front which is getting some kind of short somewhere. I tested it with a meter there's zero voltages at the plug that plugs into the clear bulb which I would call DRL not fog light. All fuses are good I even changed the fog light relay just in case I've tried all the easy stuff. I know I have to take the front bumper off to replace the whole fixture for all three or four bulbs per side. I was just wondering if anyone's come across this before and what was their solution.

I'm sure I posted this in the wrong section but I did want to say hi and kind of get everything out in one space without wasting space or posting most of multiple posts. So if the moderator feels necessary to move my thread I have no problem with that I do apologize if I'm doing this wrong. So just to reiterate my right side fog and DRL lights all work with the blinkers my left side everything works but my DRL lights which are the clear lights. My OCD is really driving me crazy I have to turn my headlights on because I don't want to see just one bulb working when I pull up behind a big old honking truck with a shiny bumper. But that's a whole another thing. Thanks what's up y'all I appreciate any advice once again my name is Jesse. Hopefully your holiday this weekend is going great
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First, the BCM sends pulse voltage and will shut it down if it doesn't see a sufficient load.
Have you tried testing this at the headlamp assembly connector rather that in the assembly?
I've tested both. My light tester is not giving power at fixture. But the kick board fuse Panel there's power on every fuse. Also checked under the deck for blownskis all good there. Can it be the wire got clipped some how? As we all no you can only test so much with out pulling the wheel wells and tire and front bumper off.. I'd just hate to send to the dealers. I've wired up headlight on a few fast and furious rides with great luck. Maybe I'll have to do this again.
You need to use a multi-meter, not a test lamp for this.
I test with fogs on and no power. Weather multi meter or test light. Still no power on passenger..
Thank guys for the help
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