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Connected services stopped working

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I picked up my 2023 ST Elite Hybrid 2 weeks ago today.

2 days ago my ford pass started acting strange, giving me a message that only a partial response was received.
Then yesterday my connected services stopped working.
On my navigation screen i have a cloud with a slash line thru it.
When i go into the connected services screen it says its not available.

After reading a few things online i reset my ford pass modem, and deleted my vehicle from my account.
I still have the cloud with the slash thru it, and i can not activate my vehicle.

Has anyone had any issues like this?
How did you fix it.
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You'll get this if your vehicle is not within data coverage.
Can you connect it to your home wifi or phone hotspot to see if the error clears?
it happens everywhere
it worked fine for 2 weeks
I had some issues recently and discovered that I needed to update the FordPass app.
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Mine did something like that recently. I had a message on my app saying that it was in the middle of an update and then I could use Services later. The update never finished it got stuck. Ford had to replace the the entire Wireless module on my car. I guess the firmware got corrupt when it was updating. Thankfully it wasn't a factory warranty because it was like a $800 to $900 job.
I found similar problems on the F150 and Maverick forum.
They said to disconnect the battery for 10 mins, then connect back,

I did that, and every thing started working again.
the problem is they said the problem comes back every 2 weeks
Guess i will see what happens, or if anyone else is having an issue here.
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