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Door Panel Disassembly Tips

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Hey guys! I am doing some DIY sound proofing on my 2020 Escape SEL.

I found a couple posts about sound proofing, but none which got into details about how to disassemble the entire door. This post has some handy info, but doesn't specifically address what I need.

Specifically, I am looking for tips on how to remove the inner plastic door panelling to get easy access to the bare metal on the outside of the door.

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In this pic (credit to sjfphoto in the link above), you can see what I am talking about. The inner plastic panel is held in place by a series of white torx 30 connectors. In his thread, sjfphoto mentions he loosens these to gain easier access, but I'd like to just remove this entire panel to give myself easy access to the bare metal underneath.

I noticed on my test of the driver rear door that when these white connectors are loosened, you actually can't even budge the plastic panel. I believe this is because of the window regulator. With this panel in place, you can only access the bare metal underneath through the speaker hole. This speaker hole is fairly difficult to work in, and really restricts how much of the outer metal you can access.

Any tips on how to remove this panel? My guess is that I could remove this panel if I lower the window to the correct spot, loosen the torx bolts holding the glass, and then pull the glass out. But I figured I would ask here first, and post pictures when I am done for others to use in the future.
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as a follow up, I posted detailed instructions to remove the inner panel here: 2020 Escape TI - B&O sound system improvements...
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