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Drivers Side Pass Window Issues

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2015 Escape Titanium

Have a curious issue I’m trying to solve.

If I‘m sitting in the drivers seat and I use the drivers controls for the rear left side passenger window, the window will go down intermittently (3 inches at a time). Have to keep pressing it for it to fully travel down.

If I sit in the rear left seat, that actual window switch does nothing to the window, but if I unplug it and use that same switch on the right side, it works fine (so it’s not the switch).

I have the door panel off and everything looks fine (speakers also work, so I know at least some electricity is getting to the door).

All other windows work as they should.

Any thoughts/suggestions/leads on what to check/tackle next to fix this?

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Sounds like a bad drivers door switch.
It acts as a master for the other 3.
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