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Hi Folks,

TL:DR - 2013 with No Reverse Cam, has R/Cam AIPM Sync2 headunit - how to install factory reverse cam?

Long version:
New owner of a 2013 SE AWD.
Bit of a weird build as it has Sync2, Power Tailgate and Panoramic roof, yet it doesn't have a Reverse Cam.. Super weird build but anyway...
As part of the deal I promised the wife I would install a Reverse cam, integrated to the Sync2 Unit so its as close to factory as possible. (Didnt want to get a Rearview style one.. it had to use the factory screen, with guidelines.)

Now, the previous owner told me that the original Sync2 screen failed, so a new one was sourced, i believe from a 2014 which did have a Reverse Cam - so when i hit Reverse, i get the "Camera not available - Please consult dealer" message.
I have already ordered the 4Dtech Video input harness as a backup, as well as a camera that is as close to factory looking as possible to affix into our rear 'garnish' or the tailgate trim. but before i install this -

Can anyone confirm if there is a way to get the FACTORY Reverse Cam working properly?
I have already checked my tailgate wiring harness and only have the 'basic' 2-pin connector for the License Plate lights, not the 12 pin that includes the Camera.
I'm aware that Ford did use VIN specific harnesses on the Escape so that is no surprise, but is the Main Body harness universal?
How far back would the (tailgate) Camera harness terminate?
Is there a chance that i can grab an entire Tailgate harness from a wreck and it will work from the Multipin where it connects inside the trunk space? Or is the Camera wire 'deleted' the whole way up the loom?

Option B - Has anyone managed to figure out the pinout for the factory Camera?
I have no trouble splicing and creating my own Camera harness is need be for the factory camera.
I have seen that someone managed to get the pinout 95% of the way there but couldn't figure out what to do with Pin2, nor get the Guidelines functioning - Anyone made any progress with this?
I'd like to have a definitive answer before i splash the $2-300CAD that rear Trims w/ Camera are selling for.

Appreciate anyone who took the time to read the post and if you have any helpful answers for me!

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