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I needed a hitch installed in a hurry last year, so I had U-Haul install something essentially overnight. I would have done things differently if I had more time (a cleaner look - something a little higher mounted and more hidden), but I at least cleaned up the wiring today. I was also supervising kids as I did this, and I didn't get too many photos, but I'll try to add more later if there is interest.

They installed the wires inside, but I routed them outside and near the bumper and picked up a mount for a cleaner look. Required some soldering, drilling of the bumper, and a bit of maneuvering the cable so it wouldn't be near the exhaust, but I think it was worth it:

Electrical wiring Optical fiber cable Cable Gas Electrical supply

Automotive tire Car Automotive exterior Bumper Rim

Link to the mount, for anyone interested:
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