$200 (includes shipping cost)

This kit is mostly complete. The only parts that are missing from the original parts given are two brackets that I had welded onto my car (they are the brackets that are x-ed out in one of the pictures. Other then that the kit is complete and is in shape for a kit that was my Ford Escape for 7 years.

About the kit itself. The kit did not come with instructions and my friend and I had to mix and match pipes until we finally got thing right. It wasn't too difficult but I do wish it came with instructions. As I said, the car was on my Ford Escape for 7 years and the only reason why I took it off was to trade in my 2013 Escape for a 2019 model. Since the 2019 Ford Escape has a different front end the intercooler will no longer fit the newer design. Again, the intercooler kit will only fit 2013-2016 Escapes.

Before installing the kit I would suggest buying new fasteners and tuning the Escape as well to take advantage of the larger intercooler.

A new CX Racing intercooler kit for the Escape will cost you over $500 if you include shipping so I feel my price of $200 is fair even though I will entertain offers as well either through Ebay or through message. If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you and good luck!