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Thanks for this valuable and interesting posting !
I have a 2020 Hybrid Titanium and it is my favorite vehicle of 3.
My wife prefers Toyota, and we just purchased a new Hybrid Venza (really a working-man's Lexus RX-350 Hybrid).
During the purchase, we spoke to the manager, and he said three things that reinforce the article you provided.

1) Toyota is immediately stopping gas-only production of all vehicles - "What you see on the lot is the last of them we will ever have".
2) The Hybrids and EVs will have reduced model-types, which is the explanation for the old klunky Venza being replaced with the RX-350. And Corolla will have an SUV, hybrid or EV.
3) Toyota thinks the chip-shortage is essentially permanent. Which is driving alot of these decisions.
I work for a firm which makes the giant tester-systems used to final-test chips.
Our lead-times have increased 12-18 months and customers like Infineon and NXP and Renasas that make car-chips are all offering large purchase increases just to get ANYTHING that will increase production capacity.
We can't get chips to make the big-tester systems used to make more chips.
Disturbing, really.
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