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I sold my '14 Escape last year with time and miles remaining on the Ford Premium Care ESP. The residual cancellation value for the ESP was a bit less than $200. I advertised it as included, with me paying the transfer fee at my asking price.

Sold the car to a young family guy, refused to discount / sell it without the ESP, practically had to drag him kicking and screaming to the Ford dealer to do the ESP transfer paperwork (and me pay the transfer fee).

Got an email from the buyer yesterday .... The AC compressor failed / locked-up :oops:. When he took it to the dealer it was covered and they also replaced a noisy wheel-bearing under the ESP all for the $100 deductible which saved him a ton (~$1500) of repair expense. He wrote to thank me for 'forcing' the ESP transfer, they're very happy with their Escape.

Needless to say, a surprising and much appreciated 'feel good' email for me. :)

Just thought I'd share.
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