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Front and Rear Dash Cam Install

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Hi Everyone,

New to this forum and (hopefully) the soon to be new owner of a 2020 Escape Titanium Hybrid FWD with Premium Package ‼

Was wondering if anyone here has any experience installing a Blackvue (or similar) front and rear dash-cam in a 4G Escape? Particularly with the panoramic roof. I am considering installing it myself. Are things that I should consider, or problems that anyone's encountered?

A search has shown a plethora of dash-cam threads on the 3G Escape, so that'll be some reading for me to do, too.

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HI Evan,

I've got a 2020 Escape SE Sport Hybrid with a Blackvue 750S (2ch) installed.

I've mounted the front camera behind the mirror to the passenger side of the mirror mount, and the rear cam at the top of the rear window within the swiped area of the rear wiper for visibility.

The cable for the rear camera was long enough that I was able to strategically run it along the trim line. I wasn't keen on dropping the headliner on a car I'd only had a few days at that point.

Overall it's a good install. The only real complaint I have is that I'm still using the 12v "cigarette lighter" jack for power and the hybrid powers it off 30 minutes after the engine is powered off. I'm considering a BT125 or home made secondary battery for the camera but I haven't put any effort into it yet. Maybe that'll be one of my spring projects.

I hope this helps!
Just buy a kit and plugin to fuse box. It's a 10 min job

You're right. But I'm in a hybrid with a LVB the size of a lawnmower battery. I'd rather put B125 or similar in where I don't have to worry about pulling the LVB down if I'm going to be away from the car for a couple of days.
LVB? Lakshmi Vilas Bank? B125? Speak English please :ROFLMAO:

Regardless Hybrid or not there is no difference you don't need to pull anything down. It turns on when the car is on and turns off when the car is of. Easy.
Fair enough I did not want to run my dashcam for 1.5 hours when vehicle was off
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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