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This was the funniest and I'm surprised they were surprised by their findings:

" The researchers found that the aforementioned personality traits — plus money, obvi — explained why drivers of expensive cars were more likely to drive like a-holes. “But we also found that those whose personality was deemed more disagreeable were more drawn to high-status cars,” Lönnqvist said. “These are people who often see themselves as superior and are keen to display this to others.”

"...the connection between self-centered people and prestigious cars applied only to men."

The connection as it pertains to males only is "obvi" as well. It's called peacocking.... like in any species, the females aren't interested in being flashy in the same way males are. It's the males job to do all peacocking for their attention as a suitable mate. Most women don't consider a car a status thing unless they are gold diggers. They may flare a bit (tight skirts, booty shorts etc) but, they do not Peacock like the males do...;)

In states like Texas, they don't use German or fast cars, they use trucks...BIG trucks. Same thing...
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