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Immediate high temp warning at startup after checking coolant temperature sensor

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2013 Ford Escape 1.6
Check engine code: P1299
Has intermittent external leak and have had to top off coolant reservoir periodically in last three weeks.

In attempt to troubleshoot/self-diagnose before taking it in I pulled out the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor to check for leak. Wasn’t able to immediately replace so I re-installed, reconnected everything, turned on the car and got an immediate High Temperature Warning with the gauge all the way up. It did it’s automatic sputter and I turned it off, now worried I won’t make it to end of my street.

Here’s complete rundown of events leading up to this:
  • Low coolant light came on
  • Checked but wasn’t below max level
  • Next day... it was... almost empty and gave high temp warning with sputter and check engine light came on.
  • Refilled empty coolant tank... car ran fine for a week but check engine light wouldn’t go away.
  • That’s when I pulled the sensor and am currently in the garage, unsure of what to do.
I’ve seen possible culprits in other threads but nothing in response to this particular issue.
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I got my car for fairly cheap because it was constantly overheating and the company kept on bringing it back to the dealer to get fixed. I ended up with similar symptoms as you shortly after purchasing it. It would run fine for a while then immediatley say it was overheating adn shut down. Let it sit for a while (sometimes a couple days) and sometimes it would say it is fine, other times it would say it is overheating. I ended up pulling out the coolant head temperature sensor and didn’t see anything wrong with it. Brought it to the dealer and asked them to replace it. Once they pulled the old one out and cleaned it off, there was a very small crack in it that was letting coolant in and it was shorting out.

It’s a fairly cheap part. I would just replace it. I also ended up soldering a new female connector on to the wiring harness because mine was so short it was being pulled almost 180 degrees from where it went into the connector and the wires were getting worn through. Since replacing both of those, I’ve had no issues with overheating.
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