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Installing AC Inverter in 2020 Hybrid

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Hey fine folx, I've got a 2020 Hybrid SE Sport AWD and I recently picked up a Ryobi invterter that runs off of either an 18v Ryobi battery for 300w, 12v round outlet for 150w, or can be hardwired directly to a 12v source for 800w.

I'd like to get a mount setup in the cabin on the passenger side to hold the thing and run it hardwired off the 12v system. I know the 12v battery in the escape hybrids isn't overly capable, and I'm fine with just using the inverter when the Escape is running so the ICE will keep the battery charged and I don't wind up unable to start the vehicle.

What's the best way to cable this? Can I go to the jumpstart posts under the hood? Should I go all the way back to the battery itself in the cargo area and find a ground point around there for the negative? Is there another better place to cable this to? Thanks for any advice you can give!
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Works out to 12.5A at 12vDC, the 12v outlets are fused at 20A.
Battery makes no difference when the vehicle is running.
70A vs 45A on the 12v battery is one of capacity, not maximum draw.
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