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I bit the bullet and took it to the dealership for an $80 diagnostic. They of course were very confident that the rack needs replaced. The service manager did the diagnostic himself, checked for any obvious electrical issues and said he was near certain that the rack was bad because when he got it on the lift, the power steering started working again. He felt that the process of taking the weight of the wheels was incidental to the pscm working again. He said that 15volt to module was normal and that the odd angle sensor reading was indicative of a failed rack.He'sbably correct on all accounts, but there's still something fishy going on with that electric. told him that I intend to buy a remanufactured rack and install myself. He agreed that it wouldn't be too difficult and would save me $1500. Any of you guys have any other suggestions?
I had very similar issues with my steering system in a 2015 Escape. Just stopped working while driving down the road. It didn't throw any codes. Had to replace rack and the mega fuse as well.
As far as doing it yourself, did they mention that you will need to take it back to them to have the replacement rack programmed to the car, while on the alignment machine? Ford is the only one can do it, at least that's what we were told. Also, through reading a whole bunch, these vehicles are known to have wonky electrical issues. For example one guy said his started doing all kinds of weird things (transmission acting up, weird messages showing "faults, etc) turned out that a completely unrelated fuse (I think he said rear defrost?) had blown. Replaced it and all the issues disappeared. Good luck!
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