Selling my Mustang JB4 that worked on my 1.6L 2016 Escape SE (Burger Motorsports told me this is the correct one for my Escape). It may fit other 3rd gen Escapes but I know for sure it does not fit the 4th Gen (2020+) Escapes. I tried to put it on my new Company 2022 Escape and it didn't fit. So the old one needs to go (btw, my new one just came in!) It includes the orignal box and serial connection. Bluetooth module is not included. It was transferred over to the new Jb4.

Right now as it sits, it is loaded with the correct firmware for an Escape (it came with Mustang firmware but it didn't work) and a really sweet custom map 6 (perfect for 91 octane).

This Jb4 took my old Escape from pretty slow to breaking the tires loose in 1st. The other big plus is being able to monitor IAT, boost levels, real water temp and AFR on the fly! The icing on the cake for me was playing with map 6 (my map 6 is sweet!).