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Hello all.

Just bought a 2013 Escape SEL 2.0L FWD. It has 193,000 Kms and sadly, I don't know if the transmission has ever been drained and filled or flushed in its entire life. It currently has an evap selenoid MIL code, but otherwise no other issues. (BlueDriver resder)

Idles smooth drives fine. Decent mileage (around 10L/100Kms mixed) However the transmission surges a little on shift from 1 to 2...and then again (half the intensity) between 2 and 3. No surges/stutters/etc for all other shifts.

Just got under the hood to take a look at various service items today and found the top of the transmission, around the vent outlet, to be covered in fluid. Would this be an overfill? or something else? I don't see anything leaking, around the head/engine, etc.

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I can't get to drop the transmission fluid for another week, but I'm wondering if this is a sign of a greater issue? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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