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K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter Experiences?

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Time for a new cabin air filter for my 2020 Escape, but Ford is backordered, as are Autozone, Ecogard, etc.

Only thing I can find right now is this K&N washable cabin air filter.

Anyone have any experience with these things? Does anyone know how well they filter or if they reduce performance of the A/C?

Reviews for other makes/models look solid so I'm thinking about taking the plunge. I'm a bit skeptical that anything like this could wash out and work well on a second run.

Alternatively, does anyone know where I might be able to find a reasonably priced traditional replacement filter that is in stock?
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well I ran into the same issue as you and got the K&N filter, this is my first cabin filter but I have multiple vehicles with K&N engine air filters including a motorcycle that the K&N filter is now 42 years old and it still gets the job done.
no oil on the cabin filter, just wash, dry and put back in.
I was surprised to see how dirty the cabin filter had gotten but the engine filter was squeaky clean.
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