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K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter Experiences?

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Time for a new cabin air filter for my 2020 Escape, but Ford is backordered, as are Autozone, Ecogard, etc.

Only thing I can find right now is this K&N washable cabin air filter.

Anyone have any experience with these things? Does anyone know how well they filter or if they reduce performance of the A/C?

Reviews for other makes/models look solid so I'm thinking about taking the plunge. I'm a bit skeptical that anything like this could wash out and work well on a second run.

Alternatively, does anyone know where I might be able to find a reasonably priced traditional replacement filter that is in stock?
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What is used on the filter to help it retain dust? Hopefully not some sort of oil like they use on the engine air filters? They don't say much about what is used to treat the filter after washing it.

no oil on the cabin filter, just wash, dry and put back in.
On the page I linked it shows a cleaning kit (pic below) with a bottle labelled "Refresher"- in addition to the "Cleaner".

Liquid Bottle Fluid Material property Drink
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