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Hi guys.

First off I just want to say thanks as browsing this site has given me a lot of information on some things I didn't know. Great resource I can't believe I didn't find you guys years ago.

About me:
I work for a locally owned security company and we have a couple escapes which I will detail below. We like them for our purposes as they provide good visibility and the hybrids especially the fourth gen are great for us economically. In the past we had a few first gen Hybrids which made it way up there in mileage, I believe we had an '06 or '08 that made it to 600k miles with no major issues. Last few years we moved to Focuses and CMaxes. The Focus wasn't good for fleet use since the transmissions die every 80k or so, and the CMaxes while OK are no longer in production.
Glad to have an Escape Hybrid back for 2020, we were looking at other makes as well as Ecosports and decided most options wouldn't work out.

The current fleet (of Escapes):
2010 Hybrid
2019 Base (will check and see if it is a "S" or "SE" at some point)
2020 SE Hybrid
2020 SE Hybrid AWD

That's all for now. Look forward to getting more info and help on here and providing insight if/when I can.

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Welcome to the forum ShaggySG!
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