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oil change rant

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when I bought my 21 SE dragon it came with a contract for a year of services but it very quickly became clear that Auto nations idea of "quick lane" service is a bare minimum of three hours just to change the oil and that's with a appointment and no one ahead of me. I am a commercial vehicle tech I can change my own oil and have better things to do that sit at a dealer while someone eventually gets around to changing my oil.

I roll it up on the ramps and set the park brake and slide up under the front to discover that out of 15 screws that secure the belly cover only 13 are present and 7 of the remaining ones are loose with 5 of those very loose. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGG!
take the cover off and find that the FORD dealer uses cheap fly by night quick lube store low grade oil filter not motorcraft.

I burned two hours driving around trying to find some place that had screws that matched before giving up (ford wanted $7.00 for two that didn't match but the computer said was the right one) turns out mine was built using GM screws!! no joke, matched them up in the big book of fasteners at NAPA fittingly the one screw they didn't have.
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You can buy an after market engine shield that has 3 trap doors , oil, oil filter, and trans fluid..Then you dont have to remove anything, except the trap door...no screws to loose...
where do you find that at?
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