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Oil/coolant smell inside and stumbling engine

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I just bought a 2015 ford escape SE from a dealer and inside is a smell like exhaust gas or coolant and the engine is stumbling when i accelerate over 50 MPH. I saw in carfax they made or change a bypass to the coolant and the level of coolant is decreasing not so fast but nothing leaking under car. Has anybody this problem so far and fix it?
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It’s a 1.6 T. I test the car and he did that stumbling from then but i wasn’t sure is not from my foot accelerating. The smell i didn’t realize. If you sign the contract no money back. I bought from them a power train warranty for a year or 12 k miles. They are a Jeep and Dodge dealers. What i see on google can be the head gasket who let the coolant in fire chamber. This one should be included in the warranty.
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This is how is looking after i take off the plastic protection. It’s look like is wet/bleeding in left side(this photo) and the right side as well. I know that here is the gasket.
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Thank you for help. I will go to the dealer this days to deal with this engine.
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