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Panoramic Sunroof Leaks

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When I drive my car through a pressure wash, it leaks & water comes out of the interior dome lights. I poured water into the drain channel on top with no problem draining. Please post what you did to get yours to stop leaking.
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What year? There's a recall on some of them..
What year?
The 2013-2016 have issues with the rack mount bolts leaking and the seam sealer cracking under the rack.
Still can't understand why Ford didn't delete the rack when there was a pano roof since the max load including the crossrail weight is only 50 pounds.
I have a 2020 Escape SE and have a similar problem with leakage. First, the sunroof was whistling at high speeds. The dealer repaired the whistle but since then, whenever it rains hard, I get a leak from the overhead console. I have taken back to the dealer twice and it still leaks. It's in the dealership now, if it gets corrected, I'll let you know.
2013-2019MY Pano roof and rail setup are not the same as the 2020+MY, they're entirely different.
Whistling indicates the roof was not closing entirely, a leak could be it not sealing completely when closed after the adjustment or the drain tube has been blocked, punctured or disconnected.
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