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We just completed a 1,240 mile round trip to Ceder Hills Utah and back to Highland CA towing a U-Haul 5x8 trailer. I found that shifting down to 5 gear kept the engine at a happy torque and HP range. Fuel mileage increased when doing this! The fuel mileage averaged 18 mpg for the trip. Engine coolant temperature stayed in its normal range and the high altitude did not seem to effect the engine performance. It could be the turbo did it job? Most of the trip the Escape was fueled with 87 octane but ran fine on the 85 octane that is in Utah with no pinging or power reduction.
The Escape handled the task of towing the trailer flawlessly and handled just great. No issues with braking. The AWD was helpful in that a few rain showers hit during the trip. No wheel slippage when pulling away from a stop or when power was needed climbing a grade that was soaked with water.
By the way the U-Haul trailer was brought back to CA empty. This was done because the cost of a one way tow from CA to Utah was way more expensive than a "local" tow with a return to the same rental shop.
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