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Hello, I have a 2016 Escape Titanium Ecoboost 4wd 2.0.
Last I was driving up a sustained incline. It was already steep. We were only three in the vehicle and no more. All of a sudden the engine power has decreased and it has shut down. Would almost no longer come up to the mountain. I tried to change to S but nothing worked. He stayed in 2nd gear and could not be switched to 1st gear. Actually, something like this should not happen! Since drive whole buses fully loaded up without problems. Does anyone here have a guess what the reason could be?

Regards Manuel
My 2013 2.o has done that a couple times. I was going up a road that was paved but a steep incline. The weather was very hot that day and I was driving it rather hard. All of a sudden, loss of power however the display read that the temperature was rising and it killed the power ( boost ) until it cooled down. It is amazing what little power a normally aspirated engine produces. Anyone that grew up in the 70"s or 80"s can appreciate a 4 cylinder with boost
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