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Question on available options via programming

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Installed Factory Fog lights on my 2021 Escape SE and they do not work (used ALL factory OEM parts including wiring harness and switch upgrade). Been told that they need to be turned on in Programming. Spoke with Ford Dealer also about Global Window Up Option which they are also going to check during appointment March 16th (I work two P/T jobs so as soon s I could schedule).
What other options might I consider to ask the Ford Dealer to turn on when in programming? Thanks for your replies.
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This will be a ForScan item at the very least, it won't be something your dealer can do since it falls outside of your car's original AsBuilt.
There is also a chance that your vehicle is missing logic or relays in the BCM or is missing a required control module (eg the Ti with LEDs has a headlamp control module on each side).
As an example, the 2013-2019 could not have a pure factory type installation with out replacing the BCM.
The factory LEDs are not the same as the halogen housings, they're entirely different.
You can put aftermarket LED's in the factory halogen assemblies, but not in the factory units.
His question revolved around ADDING factory fogs to a vehicle without them, not adding LEDs to one that had halogens.

My statement was using the Ti as an example as he may be missing a module, I haven't dropped FDRS or ForScan on an SE with fogs to see if there is a headlamp control module or not.
LJ6Z-15201-A\LJ6Z-15200-A Halogen
LJ6Z-15200-C\LJ6Z-15201-C LED

The factory shop manual for replacing a halogen bulb is to pull the wheel skirt and swap out the bulb.
The procedure for the LED is to pull the nose and replace the complete unit.

The LEDs are definitely driven by the right and left headlamp control modules which are mounted to the bottom of the LED headlamp assemblies.
You'll still need programming at the very least.
The BCM needs to be told that they exist so that it switches power on when it sees the negative trigger from the switch and if you want the telltale on the IPC that will need to be turned on also.
I grew up with a tuneup being 12k miles and putting in points, plugs and a condenser.
Your dealer will more than likely tell you that they can't program the BCM in anyway other than the factory As Built.
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