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Rear bumper sensor loose, is there an easy fix without taking it to dealer or removing bumper cover?

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2020 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid. One of the rear bumper sensors (passenger side) is loose, not falling out , is there an easy fix? (can I access it from under the bumper easily myself?). I did speak to my son he's a ford mechanic, who seems to think I should be able to ....no help he is out of state LOL. It is impossible to get an appointment at the dealership as most here are no longer open on Saturdays. I would have to take time off from work to get this done.
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Is this just center button or the surround?
The surround is ultrasonically welded to the cover, so a fix on that would either be a new bumper cover or using something like epoxy or maybe Gorilla Glue to reattach it.
The center which is the sensor has a set of clips on each side, depending on which sensor it is you may be able to push it forward and get it snapped in.
Taking off the rear cover isn't that hard to do, your son should be able to print/export the pages from the service manual so that you can look at the instructions.
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