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I just got done changing the fluid in my rear differential The process is pretty easy but actually getting up there and doing it is a pain I'll include some pictures but there's a video on YouTube that goes over most of it They just don't do too many close-up shots of where you got to fill and drain it. Basically there's four 10 mm bolts for the skid plate for the rear differential once you have that off the real fun starts you have get the plug out. it's a 3/8 ratchet the little square part is how you take off the plug but the space is so skinny that I couldn't find a ratchet that would fit in there. in the video the guy used a serpentine belt tool The problem with that is he has a lift but most of us don't and serpentine belt tools are too long without a lift you only have about 45 degrees to rotate before you have to pull it out and start over cuz there's no room for a real ratchet. you can rent a kit from AutoZone but the shorter bar is has a 1/2 inch head so it's the wrong size it's too long and so unless you want to buy a kit you're kind of SOL without cutting the longer 3/8 bar. I am blessed with a cheap welder that I got for a hundred bucks many years ago and so I just bought a piece of flat steel cut the end off of a broken ratchet and welded it on there it was not pretty at all settings were all wrong and I didn't care but that was able to keep enough of the square head the right size that it worked. the plug is not on there very tight at all it's easy to get off if you can get a tool in there. (If your in Phoenix or during a hook year Flagstaff I will gladly loan or give it to anyone who needs it to do the job just pass it on when ur done) The first picture is the tool I made if you have some way to weld steel anyone can make it The one thing I would recommend is drill a hole through the flat bar behind the ratchet head so that you weld the head not only from the sides but also from the back to make sure it has enough strength. then what I did is I took an ear cleaning tool, they can be had at most pharmacies not expensive I'm sure, but it's basically a syringe without the needle got some vacuum hose from AutoZone and just had to shove the hose in there and twist it onto the nipple of the syringe and suck it out 60 cc's at a time I ended up sucking out 530 cc's there's a little bit left I'm sure but that was everything I could get out of it and you could tell that the last of the fluid I got out of there was the bottom of the barrel cuz it was really gunky. Then you just use that same syringe after you've cleaned it out and suck it out of the oil bottle to fill it back up and it is a bit messy in the video the guy used a bleeder kit with an air compressor, but while I have a big compressor no bleeder kit and the syringe works fine just takes longer and more of a pain. It's a pretty common sense process also i want to let you know putting that plug in is a pain unless you have really long fingers I don't so I had to reach my left arm up over the cross member and hold the plug steady while I actually turned the plug with my right hand to get it to start screwing in. Again the plugs aren't on there very tight so don't over tighten it I just use regular sealant for the plug I didn't use any thread sealant cuz it didn't seem like Ford put any on there just regular fluid sealant. If you just search 2013 Ford escape rear differential fluid change you'll find the video that I saw and with that in my pictures hopefully it'll make the process for you very simple besides finding a tool or lift to get the plug out and back in. Sorry this is so long.
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