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Replacing rear shocks, one stud for the top shock mount bracket is stripped

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Hi all,

Replacing rear shocks on a 2014 escape SE front wheel drive. I had a stud fall out when I went to take out the top shock mounts (2 x 13mm bolts over studs that are mounted to the frame)

How do I fix this? Should I use a thread repair insert? I can't get to this from above, it looks like there are threads in the body and the panel in the "trunk" is behind it and not removable.

There were threads on the stud when it came out, I spun them and they came off so I know it's the hole that is stripped.

I can think of two options, and am curious what folks recommend:

1. Put some JB Weld or metal epoxy type stuff in the hole and shove the stud in
2. Use a thread insert and fix it that way

What do you think?

Here's the stud that came out - I think if I remove the shock mount, put a thread insert in the hole and then put it all back together I'll be good, right?

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Here is the current state of things, only one bolt (the other side) holding the shock mount. The hole up here is
definitely stripped, I can just shove the stud up there and it goes all the way in.
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Do you know if that nut is welded? I can't tell from the picture but I can't imagine it's not...
That nut is welded on the top and the stud goes into it. The nut is stripped and I don't really have a way to get it off. I think I'm going to sick the stud in with some JB Weld steel stick to "weld" the stud into the nut and then install the shock.

If I ever have to get the stud out again I'll just have to grind the whole nut off from inside and re-weld it...
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