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Hi Escape fam,

A while back, we posted videos on how to reprogram your keyless entry for your 3rd Gen Escapes- which then led to questions on our channel on how to find the factory reset code if it wasn't provided in the little wallet sized card provided by Ford when the vehicle is purchased new. Below is NOT my card, but just one I pulled from Google, so I hope this is still just a generic example of what you should look for to get started. There are other excellent threads on this forum as well related to this, but we wanted to share our consolidated set of videos for this procedure here.
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For those who may not know or have recently picked up a 3rd Gen Escape with keyless entry and would like to customize the code on the door, please note the following:
  1. There is room for QTY 2 x entry codes on the vehicle's memory.
  2. The first code is the factory default/reset code which is provided with the vehicle when purchased. It comes on a little card that fits in a sleeve in the user manual or in your wallet. This is a 5 digit number and will permanently be set for the vehicle. This code is individual to your particular vehicle and the idea is to keep this code a secret so that others can't show up and just open your door with it, but it's there for you in case you forget your personal code...which leads to the next point:
  3. The second code is a personalized code- it is for you to set- this is an easy to remember pass code for you and trusted drivers to have and use.
  4. IF you bought the vehicle secondhand and it has the previous user's code in the vehicle, you can override it, but you'll need to start by entering your factory code to gain access to the rewrite option as shown in the tutorials below.
  5. IF you don't have the factory code, it can be found behind the glove box in the passenger footwell. It's not impossible to get to, although you may need to remove the glove box or reach your phone up behind it to snap a photo of the appropriate label.
Below are our earlier videos posted on this. We hope they're helpful!

Keyless Entry reprogramming tutorial:

Locating your Factory Key Code:

Removing your Glove Box (To access your factory Key Code):

Thanks and hope this helps if you're in this situation- add any comments you'd like to share to help this!

-Richard (Rahrena)
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