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Retrofits from 2020 Escape to 2022?

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It didn't take me long to realize the 2022 Escape had a good bit of "decontenting" after I bought it. So far I've found the following items eliminated on the 2022:
Signal Mirrors
LED illuminated cupholders
LCD readout on temp control dials
Manual mode shifting
Paddle shifters
There is probably more that I missed since I'm not that familiar with the details of the 2020 model. I think the elimination of items started on the 2021 model.

So... has anyone started retrofitting these removed items onto their 2022 Escape? I did check into the LED cupholders, and the parts aren't too pricey, but the harness connector does not exist in the console. You'd have to tie the lights into the footwell lighting. I believe the A/C controller with the LCD readouts might be plug-n-play, but there is a lot to disassemble to switch that out. I did enable the A/C controls on the Sync3 screen, but you still can't effectively adjust the temperature until the system has fully booted up... and it's very slow for a modern vehicle. I don't know if the 2020 signal mirrors would work on the 2022. I'm thinking there may be an extra sensor in the mirror housing that warranted the removal of the light, but I can't find enough info to know for sure.

Looking forward to hearing from others who have delved into this.
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