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Reverse polarity on jumper cables

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I jumped our 2014 Ford Escape and accidentally reversed the polarity of the jumper cables. When I disconnect the cables the escape has "no" electrical power. If I leave the jumper cables on the dash lamps work and maybe the radio, but not windows, locks or ignition. (no clicks or anything)

I've read this can cause a number of issues to sensors, but how do I start trouble shooting. I read some cars have a built in Fusible link that may melt and protect the other electrical components.... does the 2014? How would I check if it is still good or bad? It looks like there is a small read cable from the positive battery terminal, but I don't know if that is the link or not....
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That's a serious mistake! I'd suggest starting to check for voltage in the fuse/ relay boxes using a multimeter- start in the engine bay, then the one under the glove box and finally the one in the cargo area.

There may be a fuse built into the battery positive terminal clamp- which is what you were talking about.
ya, check all your fuses and hope.

i did this once and melted the insulation off a set of jumper cables. fortunately no dmg to car.

but on the other hand i have accidently shorted a wire in another car, and needed to replace the BCM. whoops
You are going to have to do some significant diagnosis. Hope you are good with a multimeter and a wiring diagram.

Reverse polarity on modern vehicles can damage many components. The primary ones that get taken out are the alternator and the computer itself, not so much with engine management sensors.

If you don't find the root cause or get stuck, you may need to have it towed into a shop.

Good luck and keep us updated!
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