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2020 Escape - I ran my power wire along the drivers side, since the battery is already on that side. I zip tied and used good double-sided tape to hold the fuse holder in place. I pulled the foam blocker in the fender enough to get the wire through. Above the drivers door top hinge is a rubber grommet. I pulled it out and made a hole big enough in it
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for the wire. My wire kit I bought came with a plastic grommet thing too, so I put that in the rubber grommet hole, and pulled the wire through after replacing the rubber grommet. The rubber grommet can be reached from the inside, but it's kinda hard to contort to get it. I don't like making holes in the metal if I can avoid it. I also put some black RTV on the grommet connection to keep the elements out. Check for sharp edges when running your wire in the engine area. The rest of the run I just pushed the wire under the mouldings all the way to the back. I took out the drivers side foam thing by the spare tire and made an amp rack to replace it. Took a while to make that part, but it works and has air flow.
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