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Hi all, a while back we did a video on how and why the factory 2 piece lug nut design deforms over time-

This is due to a number of factors but can include repeated impact uses, oversized sockets, heating and cooling, etc.

The chrome cap construction over the steel core of the factory Ford lug nuts is a huge hassle and a serious deterrent to getting your wheel off if you're on the side of the road with the factory lug wrench.

Typical issues include the lug nuts "swelling" (although it's truly a deformation of the outer shell), roughly a half to a whole mm larger than the original factory size.

We found a chrome set by Eisen Performance on Amazon that we've had through the winter with some salt and moisture and sand, and they've held up great.

They recommend NOT using an impact driver so as to not damage the chrome coating, but 100lbf is easy enough to get even if you're not a large person considering the length of the factory lug wrench.

Anyhow, here's our video featuring the Eisen lug nuts below and we have also included a link to the McGards and the VERY helpful flip socket tool if you have the luxury to order it and change your lug nuts out proactively before you're in a pinch. We tried to do our best to show options on removing the deformed lug nuts a few different ways depending on the tools you have access to in a situation. Hope it's helpful!


CTA Flip Socket (to remove your deformed/oversized lug nuts: https://amzn.to/3zZ4IH4
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Eisen Lug Nuts for 2013+ Ford Escapes (Set of 20 for all 4 wheels): https://amzn.to/3E3Ap12
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McGard Lug Nuts for 2013+ Ford Escapes (Set of 20 for all 4 wheels): https://amzn.to/3Oxwheu
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Video Link:

-Richard (Rahrena)
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