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Temp Cabin Air Filter

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Hi All, just joined and wanted to share some info that I hope is useful, It would seem cabin air filters are all but impossible to get for my Escape (22 Hybrid). So I have a temp solution. A cabin air filter from a 2020 Ford Fusion S will work (well, it seems to work). Now here's the "twist", the Fusion air filter, while almost identical in terms of length x width, is only half the height of the original Escape filter. Assuming there are no technical issues why the Fusion filter can't be used, it would seem we at least have some low cost and readily available options until the correct filter is available. Happy to answer any questions and especially interested if someone has data as to why the Fusion filter won't/shouldn't work. Oh, toying with the idea of double stacking the Fusion filter but not sure that I will actually do it as it seems to be working fine.
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The cabin air filter is actually the same for 2020-2022 Escapes, what you're running into is trying to get the Ford Refresh95 variant that they started using 7/27/2021.
The non-Refresh95 is JX6Z19N619BA and the Refresh95 is LX6Z19N619C.
JP...thanks for the info...very helpful!! Regrettably, once shipping is added, the cost of the filter pretty much doubles and it becomes an asinine price for folded paper. Typically, I buy from local part stores and none, anywhere near me (meaning my state), has a replacement (local Ford dealer would take two days and the filter would cost $35). Anyhow, I saw another post about a K&N so it sounded like other people were having the same issue. Thanks again for the info...good to know...for now I am going to stick with my solution until something better comes along.
Excellent JP...thank you...really appreciate the help!
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