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transmission service

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2014 Ford Escape
I just got this message what does this mean anything bad or is it a minor service
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I got a message stating Transmission service Is this a just a alert to have a transmission fluid changed or something else that needs serviced. I never had this pop up
Any chance you have a owners manual? Should be in there.
This is from the owners manual for my 2014 Escape.

Transmission fault - See your authorized dealer.
Service now

Transmission Service Amber See your authorized dealer.
I think this can't say anything yet or you should explain the problem in more detail to tackle your problem.
was on the highway and it popped up
was on the highway and it popped up
Have you taken it for service yet?
no not yet I will though and tell you the results
So, you still driving it with that message? Acting up?
I have but now I just parked it
its not acting up and message has not reappeared
Need to get it to someplace and get the codes read.
Auto Zone and Advanced will do it for free.
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