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Washing Engine Bay

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I am getting ready to wash and clean my engine bay for the first time, was just curious if any of you have any advice or do I need to be extra careful of anything. I have never had any issues to date cleaning an engine, but have also never cleaned one that had a splash guard on the bottom.
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This had made for some interesting reading. I have always used a pressure washer (kept the head at least 2' away) on the hood and around the edges of the engine bay. Also sprayed lightly over the engine, but I did cover the alternator. After spraying on soap with a spray bottle and agitating with brushes I would rinse it off and then blow dry with an air cannon. Have never had an issue. But this is my first auto with a splash guard so not sure if things are more prone to water infiltration.
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This video shows how I usually do my engine bays. I was curious to know if I had to drop the engine splash guard which I think I would.

You guys are making me a little nervous although I have never had a problem doing one before.
I am really surprised with how many are really worried about causing electrical problems. I have washed the engine bay of most of my vehicles over the years (now 65) and only had 1 minor problem, but that was on a used car that was really dirty and I did get pretty aggressive with the power wand at the car wash. I guess if I am going to wash the bay I have to drop at least half of the splash shield on the bottom. Or try and have the car on a slope.
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