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Washing Engine Bay

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I am getting ready to wash and clean my engine bay for the first time, was just curious if any of you have any advice or do I need to be extra careful of anything. I have never had any issues to date cleaning an engine, but have also never cleaned one that had a splash guard on the bottom.
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YEAH,DON'T...With all the electronics and wiring in these vehicles, your asking for trouble..If dirty, just wipe with a clean soft rag...
You sound like the 80-year-old Scotty from the Youtube videos.

Its okay, just don't use a pressure washer.
Scotty isn't 80 years old ,, mid 60's..and he knows what he's talking about...Yeah, cars before computer controls, 70's on back had lots of room and air, a distributor, coil, alternator, starter, and battery...but today everything is crammed together like spaghetti where moisture can be trapped and work into sensors and connectors an cause corrosion later on.. Why chance it.. I'd rather wash and wax the outside and under carriage a few times a year...
I’m not saying drench your engine bay. As long as you are careful and do it quickly you’ll be fine. Chrisfix does it here
everything under the hood was designed to be water resistant so low pressure spray is not generally a danger.
To an extent, yes, though I would still err on the side of caution WRT the alternator.
This video shows how I usually do my engine bays. I was curious to know if I had to drop the engine splash guard which I think I would.

You guys are making me a little nervous although I have never had a problem doing one before.
See? Everyone put water, albeit minimal, in the engine bay with no problem. We are way to cautious with the engine.

In the end, it's your car and you do what you want, but the general consensus is that it is safe to wash down an engine bay.
Does this apply for Hybrid / PHEV engines that have high voltage components under the hood?
Good question. I would say yes to an extent as it’s still in an area where it can get wet.

I imagine if those components could not get wet they would have placed them inside the cabin.

Just my guess.
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