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2018 Escape "S.

During a car wash, I'm getting a fair amount of water inside of the left tail light assembly that is mounted on the liftgate (not the tail light on the quarter panel). It actually puddles in the bottom of the light assembly. It eventually does evaporate, but takes quite some time. I have also seen water in there after driving through very heavy rain.

The tail light on the other side has been 100% bone dry since I bought the vehicle. I did a close inspection of that assembly with a magnifying glass numerous times and can't find any cracks. All weatherstripping is in excellent condition and placed properly.

I just can't see how/where the water is getting in. Anybody have this issue?

I'm thinking about just swapping it out with a new one. I think eventually that the light assembly inside will likely fail because of the water. I could wait for that to happen but would rather be proactive. I do realize that there is a possibility that a new (or salvage yard) assembly may not resolve this, but I'm kind of stuck other than taking it to the body shop.

It looks like the assembly is held in place by a single 11mm capnut, or am I missing something??

Thanks in advance!
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