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Please read before posting!

Welcome to the 2013 and newer Ford Escape forum! Many of you have participated in forums. Some of you haven't. Not all forums are created equal, so here are some hints and guidelines about ours:

1. If you have a question or want to discuss a specific topic, post in a logical forum section - for example, "Engine and Technical Discussion" or "Electronics, Audio and Lighting," rather than in your introductory post.

2. When you want members to respond to a post, include the year, trim level, and other pertinent info about your Escape if it's not in your tag line. Having a 2013 SE versus a Titanium, or 19" or 18" wheels (when asking about tires) may make a difference. (To compose your tag line go to User CP > Edit Signature.)

3. No posting of copyrighted information on the forum - for example, information in the workshop manual can not be posted here. This includes copying/pasting text and/or images from material that is copyrighted.

4. No posting advertisements, unless the company is a forum sponsor - example posting a link to a company website that you own to generate traffic/revenue.

5. Try a quick search, or spend a few minutes browsing threads. Many questions and topics have been discussed many times. You won't be beaten up for not doing so, but a little research may give you some insight or even answer your question. If pertinent, post your question to an existing thread instead of creating a new, duplicate one.

6. Please do not post the same post to multiple threads. If you want to reference your post in another thread, provide a link to the post you want to reference.

7. No Firearms, politics or religion. <---- period. That includes jokes, one-line asides and pointed remarks from the right, the left, in between or upside down. It also includes comments or photos about guns. If you feel the need to make a point, please take it to a political forum, the newspapers, your neighbours or a bar.

8. Keep it clean - not just your Escape, but your words. Forum software automatically substitutes "*" for swear words. If you use acronyms, special characters, spelling or numbers to beat the system? Don't. (And too many *'s start feeling like the profanity itself.) This is a family-friendly, G-rated board. All profanity will be removed from posts, and if the problem persists, an infraction may be issued to the offending member.

9. Debate the topic, don't put down the person: no name calling, flaming, nasty, rude or inappropriate posts. If you think a post is offensive, report it (exclamation point within triangle to the left of every post) or PM (Private Message) a moderator. Adding a snarky comment may be tempting but doesn't contribute to the pleasant atmosphere we enjoy.

10. Send a PM to your moderators for assistance or if something concerns you. We're on the forum a lot, but not 24/7, and you may see something before we do. You can also get assistance by posting here: Site Issues, Help & Feedback

11. People with different skills "escape" to our forum: men, women, kids, those who can modify an engine and others who have never checked tire pressure. We have our late model Escapes in common, and sometimes other interests. We welcome anyone with a 2013 and newer Escape or an interest in one. Please refrain from asking for help on other vehicles.

12. There is a fairly strict time limit on members' ability to edit their posts, so if you have an important reason to make a change but can no longer do so, PM a moderator and we'll handle it for you. And when we make changes to threads or posts, we will do our best to inform affected forum participants, by PM or by leaving thread redirects.

Your moderators enjoy finding and banning "bots." We like answering questions or moving posts to appropriate sections. We do not enjoy deleting inappropriate posts or telling members to stop doing something. We're forum members too. So thank you for making it easy on us, and for keeping our forum the friendly place it's known to be.

This forum is not owned by Ford. Here's the fine and legal print:
VerticalScope - Driven by Enthusiasts

VerticalScope - Driven by Enthusiasts

Your Moderators: jshel101, murcod, and Tall Timbers
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